Deliver the most seamless alinea experience

Connect your alinea instances to our cloud for instant authentication and a thorough Github integration to draft and publish your content into your repository.

Everything you need

To bring your alinea project to production

Our cloud offering aims to give alinea all the modern features you expect from a CMS, with as little configuration as possible

Smooth setup

We aim to provide a solid DX experience when wireing up your Github project


Have end users authenticate via our to log into one of your alinea projects


On your unpublished drafts are stored to prevent poluting your repository


Publishing content in alinea results into a push to your Github repository


Group projects in teams for easy user management and invoicing


Invite new users directly from within your dashboard and assign proper roles


Review an overview of recent content changes in your projects


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Is stable to use in production?

No, just like itself we are still alpha-phase software. Feel free to test out the product and provide us with your feedback, but we recommend against using the product in production. At this point we don't give any guarantees on your data being preserved in, as we roll out new versions and features.

Do I need an account on to use the alinea CMS?

No definitely not. By default alinea only requires a serverless nodejs environment to run and a GIT repository to store data. But to host alinea online and invite other people to collaborate you will need a database to manage users, authentication and drafts. This is when comes into play as a one click solution. But you are free to setup your own backend.

Can I host alinea and/or my website on

No, we dont plan to use as a system to actually host your website or your CMS. We simply provide authentication and a database for managing users, drafts and related services for alinea. Basically all parts of a CMS for which GIT itself is not well suited as a database.

Do I need to pay to use

As our product grows will turn into a payed membership system. A free tier will be available for personal projects, while teams can be setup to manage projects and easily invite collaborators.

How are media files handled in

Media files are currently checked into your GIT repository. This is not an ideal solution for bigger sites or sites with very large assets. We aim to provide integrations very soon with systems such as AWS or Cloudinary to easily store your files on an external CDN.